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14 JAN 2016 23:44
We want with this letter to prepare you for something very sad which might affect the Swedish Taekwondo, and at the same time give an explanation as to why it affects us and the reasons which really lies behind it.
  • Skapad: 14 JAN 2016 23:44

Dear members,

We want with this letter to prepare you for something very sad which might affect the Swedish Taekwondo, and at the same time give an explanation as to why it affects us and the reasons which really lies behind it.

We had an agreement with ETU, from October last year - where we also were re-elected as full members in ETU. We all thought that they who were behind the 1,5 years long dispute and that drove the question to the ETU and WTF level had reached an acceptable position and that we would now would be able to proceed as one united force. Unfortunately that was not the case

With Jacob Asp as apron ETU was given basis for suggesting that, the STF both delayed and did not work to overcome organizational issue. With his background as a lawyer and close relationship with Mr Chakir Chelbat, Jacob Asp suddenly was elected vice-president of the ETUs Legal Committee. Thereafter the campaign rolled on and we are now in a situation where we once again risk suspension from ETU

Against that background we contacted Jacob Asp to see if we could find a solution which he as the vice-president of ETU's Legal Committee, safeguarding the best for Swedish Taekwondo, could argue for when he participates on ETU's board meeting, Friday 15/1.

It was reveled that there was already a drawn up a plan for how they would act if (when?) STF was suspended.

Jacob Asp has prepared and formed a new federation, Swedish taekwondo Union (STU) who shall apply for membership of the WTF. The democratic process in Sweden is rigorous and no new federal approved lightly of The Swedish Sports Confederation(SC). Moreover, the principle of "One Sports - a federation" applies.

Therefore Jacob Asp proposed to STF to prove that taekwondo membership of the RF should chang to the STU. The new federation (STU) should be chaired by Jacob Asp and Nino Malki. Chakir Chelbat should be offered the role of employed Technical Director (or similar) and receive pay for it.

Jacob ensure their good faith and good intentions, that he only wants the best for Swedish taekwondo and that the Board and the Swedish taekwondo can trust that he as a lawyer and as self elected President of the STU will work for democracy and justice.


The comments of the board and the response to Jacob Asp were;

A solution where a new federation (STU) is granted the RF membership by the approved federation (STF) requires a general assembly to decide on termination of the STF.

Furthermore, STF board believes that a new federation that is not headed by a democratically elected Board would run contrary to the democratic principles we have in Sweden.

Such an organization would never be approved by the Sports Confederation (SC) and would mean the exclusion of taekwondo from the SC completely. The organizational proposal submitted by Jacob Asp is therefore something the STF Board cannot recommend to the members.

A new federation is not the solution. The non-compliance to WTF statutes that STF commit by including ITF clubs is something that many other federations in Europe and the world commit to as well and ETU is aware of. The problem is therefore only of a political nature, a "non-issue" created to enable certain people an undemocratic to make a comeback to the STF board.

Despite above, the STF board shall continue to work with a separation of WTF and ITF taekwondo for a democratic solution that is acceptable to all parties.



The STF board is democratically elected at the general assembly. Since the general assembly, the board has worked to build bridges, to resolve the national team issue and investment in infrastructure to build the federation office for the future. We have come a long way in these matters.

In October 2015, STF together with the Swedish Olympic committee(SOC) and ETU made an agreement on the timetable for solving the organizational question. In December we received a letter from ETU, stating that after consulting a Swedish attorney they got the information that the organizational change can be quicker and that an extraordinary general assembly may be called within 14 days.

STF is working in close consultation with the SOC and the SC and we are doing everything we can to ensure in good time to the members and present an organizational change allowing compliance with WTFs statutes and working to achieving the two-thirds majority needed at the General Assembly in April.

By the intervention of Jacob Asp ETU has now received incorrect information and perception of the democratic process in sport Sweden, so now there is the risk of a suspension again.

Today we have written a letter to Jacob Asp and appealed that he for the best of Swedish Taekwondo interest should make every effort to have the ETU to come back to the October agreement and grant time to the end of April, allowing us to complete the organizational change. We hope that he will come to his senses.


With friendly taekwondo Greetings, 

A firmly determined and united



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