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Our view on the ETU Pressrelease

24 JAN 2016 05:23
The Swedish taekwondo Federation membership in ETU is revoked. An action that is serious and damaging Swedish taekwondo.
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The decision is posted on the ETU homepage (night 19th of January 2016) but is still not yet officially notified (24th of January 2016) to STF. The text lines up several different reasons for the exclusion. The STF considers several of the points to be incorrect.


"Three Presidents"

Since 2014 the STF has had two elected presidents. Mr Chakir Chelbat and current president Mr Johan Nilsson. Mr Chelbat resigned voluntarily in May 2014. The then vice president Miss. Rebecca Chentinell took the helm as acting President, but resigned at the end of September. Miss. Chentinell was succeeded by board member Emir Dizdarevic. Both Miss Chentinell and Mr Dizdarevic were elected board members who were appointed acting presidents.

The former president Chakir Chelbat got the international issue and instead of taking on the issue, chose to resign. The acting president Rebecca Chentinell took over the issue but resigned after 5 months. The next acting president Emir Dizdarevic started his presidency getting accused of not having done anything and was straight forced to manage Sweden's first suspension on October 3rd, 2014.


Lausanne Agreement

ETU consider that STF withdrew from the negotiations in Lausanne. 

STF was given an ultimatum which we felt was directly harmful for Swedish Taekwondo. WTF withheld the ranking points for the Swedish players. An action which contradicts with the IOC fundamental principles; that politics must never discriminate the rights of the athletes. We held our part of the Agreement. To make changes of STF statutes at our General Assembly on 11th of April 2015 which accordingly to the Agreement, would give us a time limit of at least one year to make the major organizational change requested. If necessary STF would be given the possibility of an extension of the time limit.


October Agreement in Stockholm

The ETU President, Mr Pragalos met in Stockholm with Chief Legal Officer of the Swedish Sport Confederation, Mr Christer Pallin. The following day, 14th of October, the presidents of ETU, STF and SOC met and signed an agreement. As so, the Lausanne Agreement was confirmed and Sweden had proofed its work to change the statutes to get it in compliance with the WTF statutes. Before the ETU General Assembly in Riga, where STF regained full membership, STF confirmed to ETU the timeline for managing the organizational change by the end of April 2016.


"No results in almost two years"

STF presents a time line with dates and documents will verify the events.



April 23rd 

President Chakir Chelbat receives a letter from WTF with questions about the organization.

May 6th

At the board meeting the questions were raised how ETU and WTF was notified about the STF organization. President Chakir Chelbat finally reveals that he himself had contacted ETU and WTF and informed about the situation

May 25th

Instead of dealing with the issue Mr. Chelbat had started, he chooses together with the board member Christel Berg to resign with immediate effect. According to the democratic order, vice president Rebecca Chentinell takes seat as acting president

September 25th

Acting president Rebecca Chentinell resigns and board member Emir Dizdarevic steps in a week later as the new acting President.

September 29th

STF informs ETU that the organizational change will be prepared to the General Assembly in April 2015 and seeks dialog with ETU. Without any response.

October 3rd

ETU suspends STF

October 14th

WTF announces that the suspension is lifted during the appeal 


January 26th

STF sends a letter to WTF asking for meeting with WTF to resolve the conflict as there is no responses from ETU to STF repeatedly attempts of contact.

January 28th

The day before the Nordic Championships, ETU suspends STF again

March 9th

WTF confirms ETU decision of suspension

March 10th

The President of SOC expresses strong criticism in the newspaper against the decision of WTF

March 16th

WTF confirms a tripartite meeting in Lausanne and demands confidentiality

March 19th

ETU leaks subjective notes from the meeting. STF maintain the confidentiality agreement.

March 25th

WTF confirms the negotiating points from the meeting in Lausanne with two milestones. 

1st Milestone

The STF is at the General Assembly in April 2015, demanded to amend two changes in the statutes which limits the ITF voting rights in the federation. By this amendment of the STF statutes the Olympic athletes would get their ranking points back retroactively.

2nd Milestone

STF member status would thus be lifted up to Demoted Membership and STF would be given a period of at least one year in order to manage the organizational change.

April 11th

General Assembly

Amendments of the statutes were voted through with 2 votes margin. 35 % of the WTF Members voted against amendments and thereby also voted against the Swedish Olympic athletes to regain their ranking points.

May 12th

The presidents of STF and SOC travels to the World Championships in Chelyabinsk, Russia for further negotiations with WTF.

May 19th

WTF confirms in mail again the deadline to April 2016

July 7th

STF President confirms in mail to WTF that STF are working hard to meet the deadline to April 2016.

October 14th

Meeting in Stockholm with the presidents of ETU, STF and SOC. The meeting results in a principle agreement on the organization form.

October 19th

STF President confirms to ETU on the time frame to April 2016 for the completion of the organizational change.

October 20th

ETU lifts STF to a Full Membership at the ETU General Assembly in Riga.

December 14th

ETU breaks the agreement unilaterally after having listened to a Swedish lawyer’s personal interpretation of the statutes. The same lawyer has on social media accused STF for deceiving ETU. Now ETU demand of STF to have completed the organizational changes within less than a month. To be finalized latest by 10th of January.


January 4th

The President of SOC sends a letter to ETU and confirms the continued progress in STF to meet the deadline to April 2016 and asks of ETU to return to the October Agreement.

January 19th

ETU publishes a statement on their homepage that STF is excluded as a member of ETU. STF has sent letter to ETU with request for an official confirmation. Still on Sunday 24th of January, STF has not received any official letter.

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